Cloud-Based Deep Learning: End-To-End Full-Stack Handwritten Digit Recognition


Herein, we present Stratus, an end-to-end full-stack deep learning application deployed on the cloud. The rise of productionized deep learning necessitates infrastructure in the cloud that can provide such service (IaaS). In this paper, we explore the use of modern cloud infrastructure and micro-services to deliver accurate and high-speed predictions to an end-user, using a Deep Neural Network (DNN) to predict handwritten digit input, interfaced via a full-stack application. We survey tooling from Spark ML, Apache Kafka, Chameleon Cloud, Ansible, Vagrant, Python Flask, Docker, and Kubernetes in order to realize this machine learning pipeline. Through our cloud-based approach, we are able to demonstrate benchmark performance on the MNIST dataset with a deep learning model.

Student Thesis
Immersion Vanderbilt (Spring 2022)
Ruida Zeng
Ruida Zeng
Software Engineer

My interests include computer systems security and applied cryptography.